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Henderson the Hedgehog is Here!

We're proud to introduce the newest adventure story by John Dony!

Henderson is a mischievous little albino hedgehog that can't seem to stay out of trouble and pays the price for not following the rules. Can he be redeemed and finally learn his lesson? Who is more likely to help, the Hedgehog King or the Fox Queen? Sssomeone hasss to be there to help or he will never complete his missssion!

Readers aged 8+ will love this exciting journey through Acorn Grove and beyond!

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Rearrangement of the World by Bryce and his Dad Dave, Doad Michaels - June 2015

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Doad Michaels

 Doad brings emotional depth to stories about everyday life that resonates with readers. Her idealistic style challenges us to have fun, find humor, and always consider the possibilities. 

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John Dony

 John's love of the outdoors and adventure, comes through in his exciting tales, that almost always present  a moral dilemma. He takes readers on a journey we are all too willing to join.

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